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Types of traditional slot machine

by Miles Arya

The popularity of slot machine games has been increased due to the wide variety of games. Each gambler will be able to find the game of their interest. You will have games which are too simple and also complicated ones. One thing is for sure while playing สล็อต games you will never feel bore and continue playing for hours together. Let us look into some of the types of slots so that you can choose one for yourself.

  • Multi-line: The multi-line slot game is also known as the multi-coin. This type of slot game is much popular all over the globe. The gamblers have the opportunity to select the number of pay lines they want to play. They can also choose the total number of coins they want to play for each pay line. Most of the experts in slot games advise the gamblers to play one coin for all the pay lines available so that one will not lose the chance of getting a winning combination. But along with this, you should also keep a track of the bonus as some of the online casinos give the bonus only when you play some fixed coins on a single line.
  • Buy-a-pays: In this type of slot machine game when the player takes an extra coin on the pay line then the machine releases additional winning combinations. This will increase the chances of getting a winning combination and earning more money. That is why it is said that when anyone playing on the buy-a-pays machine they should stake the maximum number of coins.
  • Hidden buy-a-pays: It is similar to the buy-a-pays slot machine but the difference here is that you will be getting a higher bonus when you play with the maximum coins. You might be thing how one can find such a type of machine; it is very simple you just need to search for the machine where the bonus will get activated only when you play the maximum number of coins.
  • Straight multiplayer: this is another type of slot game from the slot family in this the player can activate all the winning combinations by one single coin. And whenever the player increases the number of coins the winning combination is getting multiplied. For example, if the player adds three coins then the winning amount will become triple the amount, and the player plays four-coin then the amount is increased four times, and so on. 


Finally, whatever version of the slot game you may select for yourself but make sure you check the game pay tables before you start playing.

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