Home Gambling Fafi Numbers Dream Wheel – a Fun Virtual Roulette Game that Will Help You Win Big

Fafi Numbers Dream Wheel – a Fun Virtual Roulette Game that Will Help You Win Big

by Miles Arya

Fafi is an entertaiing and generous roulette-style slot available at HomePlay casino with an attractive design, simple rules, and an incredibly user-friendly interface that even novice gamblers can understand. Inspired by a renowned South African street-based lottery game with Chinese origins, Fafi Dream Wheel – also commonly called Fafi numbers – appeals to a broad range of players, offering them a fun and rewarding digital gambling experience.

How to play Fafi?

Fafi is a video slot that you can play either for fun to learn the rules or for real cash if you are confident of your skills and wish to start earning money right away. You will need to be a registered HomePlay user with a verified account to access the game and play for real money. The trial mode however is available to all visitors who wish to see how the game plays without risking any real cash.

Here is how to locate and play Fafi on HomePlay:

  1. Go to the Fafi Dream Wheel page on HomePlay.
  2. Select a number in the range of 1 to 36.
  3. Place your bet before the spinning of the wheel starts.
  4. The game plays non-stop, meaning you will always have exactly one minute to make your pick and place a bet before the roulette wheel is set in motion, which will also take a minute to complete.
  5. Wait till the wheel stops to see what the winning number is.
  6. Collect your wins or continue playing to get better luck next time.

Use the menu in the top-left corner to view all the most essential information related to Fafi Dream Wheel – game rules, odds, recent results, draw times and dates, your bets, etc.

What makes Fafi unique?

The most exciting part of Fafi and the thing that makes the game so unique is how the number for a wager is selected. Players determine the lucky number using interpretations of their dreams. The Internet has plenty of guides and tutorials on how to do that properly. All such interpretation systems utilize complex numerical schemes and mathematical models to help players make the most sense of their nightly visions and turn those into real-world numbers that should bring them luck.

Fafi has been around for many years, and its transition to the online casino realm has only made the game more popular with South African gamblers. It is now time to try your luck with this famous online roulette slot and get real money rewards. Come to HomePlay and make your pick today!

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