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Early Favorites of the World Cup 2022

by Miles Arya

It’s just almost a year away from the kick-off of World Cup 2022 in Qatar and the qualifying round is almost complete. After months of separating the wheat from the chaff, 13 sides are confirmed that will proceed to the final tournament to battle for the championship crown.

Nationals squads from around the world are almost complete in competing in their respective confederations with most qualifying matches postponed to later dates due to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Even though 13 sides were already qualified to compete in the final tournament, we will examine the top ten teams who were the initial favorites to be the champion in the World Cup. 

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Of course, the Azzurri deserve a spot on this list, they are the defending champions of the Euro 2020. However, that doesn’t mean they are automatically qualified to the 2022 World Cup.

The Blues had an emotional journey this year, being pressured to maintain their title and living to the expectations that they need to perform well in the qualifying rounds of the World Cup.


The Dutch are back following their absence in the 2018 World Cup and they had a good start this year in their match against Norway at the UEFA. Louis van Gaal’s side are back on track with Virgil van Dijk’s skills being an asset to the team’s core defense.


The Danes have made a surprising performance lately and they deserve to be qualified to the Qatar games. A lot of praise is also directed towards team manager Kasper Hjulmand, with an effective approach to bringing out the best from the members of the team like Jonas Wind,  Mikkel Damsgaard and Mohamed Daramy.


Messi finally put an end to his international title bad luck when Argentina won the 2021 Copa America. However, a lot of fans and critics are still expecting him to rake the penultimate international trophy title before his career in playing ends.


Belgium is the Top 1 holder on the FIFA World Ranking list as the best national team. It is no surprise that Roberto Martinez’s side is expected to be qualified, possessing talents like Romelu Lukaku and Kevin de Bruyne is stunning.


The Selecao are truly vying for the qualification to the World Cup and it is shown in their consistent performance lately in CONMEBOL. Of course, the pressure is on the shoulder of the formidable player Neymar but with the likes of Raphinha and Vinicius Jr. can ease the burden.


Luis Enrique’s side is continuing to do great in the qualifications following their incredible strength in the semis of the Euro 2020. 


Germany may have trouble maintaining their stand but coach Hansi Flick put them in the right shape this time. The new coach’s approach also has been beneficial to the team moving forward.


The Three Lions managed to dominate their qualifying group thanks to Gareth Southgate’s gameplan. England is in a good form and their approach to every match is applaudable, however, some inadequacies could hurt their chances to win at the Qatar games if they do not fix them. 


Although Les Bleus had a short spell in the final tournament of Euro 2020, we can’t deny the fact that they are still the current title holders of the World Cup championship since their victory in 2018.

France is considered as a complete squad, with their roster filled with incredible talents from the forwards and midfielders to the defenders and the goalkeeper. With talents such as Kylian Mbappe, N’Golo Kanté and Lucas Hernandez, they can prevail in the final rounds for sure.

Final Thoughts

It is still a long journey before the World Cup but the competition is still tight as the qualifying round is near to its end. We can expect that the final tournament is going to be a blast and that is for certain.

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